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Powerful - Safe - Personal


Professional management enables our company to deliver high-quality services and customer satisfaction. From placing of the order through operational planning to carrying out the work, everything must be just right.

To meet the constantly growing challenges of a contracting business in the best possible way, we rely on a modern, high-performance vehicle fleet, efficient organisation and well qualified staff. We offer regular training courses and learning opportunities to ensure that our staff are always up to date and undertake continuous professional development. Without skilled and experienced personnel it would be impossible to run a business of this size.

Thanks to the mixture of services we offer, our machines are fully utilised all year round. This enables us to employ more permanent staff and modernise our machinery fleet all the time.

All our vehicles have radio equipment. Ease of communication between drivers often reduces unnecessary empty runs and therefore saves valuable time. Every vehicle also has a GPS transmitter, so its position is visible from the office at all times. This makes fleet management much easier, especially when the deployment plan changes at short notice.

Jeff Reiff and staff member Sebastian Cremer are responsible for staff and machine management, while modern software helps to maintain a clear picture of what is happening. This software is also used for invoicing to ensure that accurate invoices are issued promptly.

Decisions to invest in new machines are often taken in consultation with our customers and drivers. Personal contact and proximity to customers are very important to us as they enable us to gain a detailed understanding of our customers’ wishes and concerns.