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Renewable energies used on our farm

As a farm, we are very committed to protecting our environment. The use of renewable energies not only makes sense ecologically but also brings financial benefits for the business. We therefore rely entirely on renewable energies for our electricity and heat.



We have installed photovoltaic systems at our sites in Troisvierges and Binsfeld. The system in Troisvierges was installed in two stages. The first system was connected to the network in 2010 and was later expanded to give an output of 1 MWp. The electricity is sold to ENOVOS and fed into the network. These systems are cleaned twice a year to guarantee loss-free operation.



When constructing our site in Troisvierges we opted for woodchip heating.

Wood absorbs CO2 from the air as it grows. This exact amount of CO2 is released back into the environment when the wood is burnt. The amount of CO2 released during combustion is exactly the same as the amount that would be released if the wood rotted naturally. Heating with wood therefore means heating in balance with nature.

Woodchip heating also enables us to utilise the small-diameter wood from our own woodlands, making us independent of oil and gas prices.

Our heating system, manufactured by Fröling, has two boilers (500 and 300 kW) which can be used either individually or in combination. Everything is automated, from material infeed through combustion to cleaning.