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Training in our company

We reap what we sow - and are happy to pass on our knowledge and expertise to young people, whether in an internship, apprenticeship or dual study program.

During the course of the year, we offer interns the opportunity to get to know our company, look behind the scenes of our business, participate and contribute their own ideas. Young, interested people from all over Europe complement our team.

In order to ensure that we always have enough skilled workers in the future, we train our junior staff from the region ourselves. As an employer for the region of the border triangle we would like to win young people who are interested in agriculture, contractors and the workshop for our company and the future. Within the framework of a dual training program, trainees acquire theoretical knowledge at the relevant vocational schools and gain practical experience in the company providing their training.




We are a recognised training company for two skilled trades:

  1. Fachkraft Agrarservice
  2. Agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics engineer

Interested interns, trainees or students are welcome to send us a written application with CV and a description of their previous experience in agriculture, preferably by e-mail.