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The Reiff farm business is now managed by Jeff Reiff, who is the third generation of the family. But it all started in 1953 with the marriage of his grandparents Robert Reiff and Françoise Thinnes who then worked together on their small farm in the village of Binsfeld. In those days, the farm included forestry work and arable farming as well as dairy cattle, breeding pigs and chickens.

The first combine harvester arrived in 1958 and the farm has carried out contract work ever since. Sons Josy and Johny joined their parents’ farm in about 1970. Josy, the older of the two, was chiefly responsible for the arable work and machines while Johny mainly took charge of the livestock.

Since then, the farm has grown steadily and more and more machines have been used for contract work. One of the first pairings was a Ford 5000 with a 5 tonne Bastian manure spreader.

Josy’s son Jeff finished school in 2004 and joined the business in 2006.

  • 1953 The farm gets its first tractor, a 28 hp Ritscher.
  • 1958 The first combine harvester arrives, a Fahr M3. In the same year, the family also buys the first Stepp medium-density baler.
  • 1963 Two more tractors are bought, first a 42 hp Renault N71 and later a 27 hp Lanz Hella.
  • 1968 The family buys another combine harvester, a Fahr M 66S.
  • 1969 Arrival of two more new tractors, a Ford 5000 and later a Ford 2000.
  • 1972 The first forage harvester is bought – a trailed New Holland 1717s Super.
  • 1974 The farm gets 4WD McCormick tractors. In the same year, the first loader wagon, a Mengele, starts work and three tower silos are built.
  • 1975 The family buys its first Claas combine harvester, a Mercator 75.
  • 1976 The 1717s Super forage harvester is replaced with a New Holland 770 (American model).
  • 1977 Seed potatoes are grown for the first time.
  • 1979 Purchase of Steyr and Mercedes-Benz tractors.
  • 1980 The first self-propelled forage harvester is bought, a Mengele SF 2000.
  • 1981 A Claas Dominator 96 with removable cutterbar (4.10 m) is added to the combine harvester fleet. It was used every year until 2014, clocking up 35 harvests on our farm.
  • 1986 The farm acquires its first Fendt tractor, a Farmer 310. Since then, Fendt has been the manufacturer of choice for all new tractors purchased.
  • 1988 A new dairy unit for around 100 dairy cows is built.
  • 1996 A new machinery shed is added in Binsfeld.
  • 2002 A new horizontal silo is built under the dairy cattle house to replace the previous tower silos.
  • 2008 After a long planning phase, construction of a new farm at Troisvierges finally starts.
  • 2012 The farm invests in a new slurry logistics chain with a self-propelled slurry tanker, four supply tankers and a mobile pumping station. The investment in this technology is in excess of € 600,000. It was the first time the farm had invested so much in machines and technology.
  • 2014 The new site in Troisvierges is ready at last. A big Open Day is held on 30.03.2014 and over 10,000 people take the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the new farm.
  • 30.03.2014 sees the end of milk production on the Reiff farm. Jeff Reiff decides to stop producing milk and focus on arable farming and the contracting business in future.
  • A Ropa self-propelled beet harvester is purchased in autumn 2014. Jeff Reiff is convinced that beet has a role to play in the cropping landscape of the region and tries to re-establish beet using modern and innovative technology.
  • Since 01.01.2015 the Reiff business has been the official Fendt Service Partner for the north of Luxembourg.
  • 2017 The first series 1000 Fendt tractor is purchased.