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Powerful - Safe - Personal

Our dedicated workshop

Often, seasonal machines are only used for short periods. Careful preparation for the season, efficient organisation, good maintenance and rapid repairs in emergency situations are therefore extremely important if they are to be used profitably.

Over the years, we have acquired all the equipment we need to carry out any necessary repairs ourselves in our own workshop. This means that we are spared long periods of downtime even during weekends and bank holidays. We also have our own workshop vehicle so that we can repair minor problems immediately in the field.

Our workshop is equipped with lifting platforms and cranes for safer work on and under the machines. We also have a number of test rigs for testing brakes, axle clearance, shock absorbers, lighting, etc.

In our large tyre store we have a spare tyre for most of our vehicles. Punctures can therefore be repaired in next to no time.

Our highly organised spare parts store holds a large number of spare and wearing parts as well as complete assemblies. We always have a pickup, corncracker or maize header in stock and if a fault occurs, we can quickly replace the whole unit to prevent long periods of downtime.