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About us

We are a family farming business from northern Luxembourg, just a few kilometres from the point where Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany meet.

The farm has a long history. However, over the last decade our contract work has become increasingly important and now forms the major part of our business.

From drilling to harvest, we offer an extensive range of services. As well as the main areas of work – forage, grain and maize harvesting – we also provide many other services for farms and municipalities.

Due to our proximity to Belgium and Germany, we often work in these countries. We cover the whole of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as the border area with Belgium and Germany.

To meet the constantly growing challenges of a contracting business in the best possible way, we rely on a modern, high-performance vehicle fleet, good organisation and well qualified staff. Without skilled and experienced personnel it would be impossible to run a business of this size. We are proud and grateful that our staff work with passion and enthusiasm, for us and our clients.

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