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  • Reference: 20231113_AGRIMAT

Price: 0.00 € VAT excluded

We are selling this Agrimat vacuum slurry tanker with Bomech trailing shoe distributor.  The tank is in a usable condition. The capacity is 11,500 litres.


The tank has the following equipment:

- Bottom hitch for Piton-Fix

- JUROP vacuum compressor

- Level indicator via float

- Bomech Flex 8.8 trailing shoe distributor, 8.60 m working width

- Combined brake system compressed air + oil

- Wheels 850/50R30.5 Trelleborg Twin Radial

- Hydraulic support leg

- Turbo filler + intake manifold 8" front right

- Intake manifold 6" front left

- Preparation for attaching a docking arm to the front wall of the tank

- Manhole 600 mm at the rear of the tank


The tank can be viewed at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Stefan Neukirch



+352 278058 - 38

+352 691278124